Thursday, 15 October 2020

How It Started // How It's Going

Jumping on the how it started v how it's going bandwagon here. It's coming up to my ninth roto-versary (yep, that's totally a thing) where come November, I will have been rotoscoping for exactly nine years. Not non-stop, I should point out for clarity, though at times it feels like it...

The idea for this entry came about because I recently completed a clip of a woman dancing for one of my current projects, which I touched on in this post. This made me think back to the first rotoscope test piece I did, which was also of someone dancing. I thought the two clips would make a nice comparison point. The quality between the two clips is vast and I don't just mean in terms of 1080p v 480p.

You can view the first video below:

I mean, just look at that fractal noise background! I remember I created this clip using just the touchpad on my MacBook Pro, though since I have upgraded to a Wacom tablet which I bought pretty quickly once having completed the video. I think I held off buying one before carrying out the test clip incase I didn't like the medium and was afraid of wasting money on something I might never use again. I sometimes still use the same one today (I don't own a Cintiq [too pricey]). I created this in Adobe Flash and think I might have done it 24fps. Don't ask why! I think I just didn't know at the time as I was always under the impression that all animation was done in one's. I now know that is not the case.

Above is the video I just completed. As you can see it is much more developed and polished, yet still in keeping with my experimental tendencies I display in my early work. I can't actually imagine doing something which isn't experimental! Definitely my default way of working. Despite the first clip being something I wouldn't be proud of if I made it now, I still look back on it with a fondness. It was the beginnings of what it now my primary working medium, which was unbeknownst to me at the time. Here's to further roto-versaries and bigger projects... Directing a rotoscope feature is a big goal of mine.

As always, keep watching this space for more project updates and other stuff which comes into my head that I feel the need to write down xo

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