Thursday, 26 April 2018

Update + 35mm

I've not blogged for almost one month 😱 ...but I have been insanely busy: continuing my animation, writing an essay, attending Cardiff Animation Festival (which was absolutely amazing by the way), started a new part time job as an editor/ animator 👌, bowling, watching football and also trying to squeeze in a social life! So yeah, kind of a lot on at the moment! But still, I know I should be writing on this more frequently.

Anyway, as the title of this post suggests, I have (amongst everything else I've been doing) managed to go out and take more photographs- yay! I like photography, because it's still very creative, but takes a fraction of the time it takes to animate or illustrate something, so it sort of provides a relief, but in a creative manner. Hope that makes sense. Anyone else feel the same?

I nearly always have my camera on me (Olympus Trip) as it literally fits in my pocket. Film and processing isn't too expensive either, especially if you get them straight to disk, like I do- it cuts out a step of scanning and also easily upload-able to my website and social media.

Ps. I'm also obsessed with cooling towers and stadiums. See below 👇