Monday, 21 September 2020

Road to Wembley 20/21 #2

Round: Preliminary
Date: 20/9/20
Ground: Bottomdale Road (Slyne-with-Hest FC)
Attendance: 60 approx.
Match: Morecambe Ladies FC 3-0 Salford City Lionesses

Full set of photographs HERE.

Sunday, 20 September 2020


If you haven't already gathered from my social media, my animation 'Together | Fragmented' has been shortlisted for the Lockdown DepicT short film competition, as part of Encounters Film Festival. Woop! That sounded sarcastic, but honestly it wasn't- I made this film with this competition in mind and have entered it numerous times over the years without success, so it goes without saying that I was overjoyed to be selected this year.

The standard this year is really strong and I feel super privileged to be amongst such a line up. My film is up for the audience award, so if you have watched it (and like it) then all you need to do is rate it five stars. And if you really like it, you can also leave a nice comment. And if you really really like it, then I guess you can tell your friends to do the same too. Okay, I'm a little biased.

You can watch and vote for my film HERE.

Friday, 11 September 2020

Animation Update

I've not written much on here lately about animation, because I'm currently working on a short film which I touched on in this post and I won't be giving too much away before it's finished.

But, I will be sharing clips every now and again to keep the good old social media algorithms happy (what a world we live in) and also so my social feeds aren't overly saturated with football.

During the last few pieces, I worked out a new (faster) way of colouring the clips. So I've basically jumped on here to share my joy with whoever that one reader is my stats seem to tell me I get. Hello! I used to draw all the outlines in one go, then colour at the end. Sounds logical, yes? Though that was a slowwww process, because when using the colour fill it doesn't always reach up to the corners or the small gaps where lines are too close together. This resulted in a lot of time spent going over the fills with the brush tool, filling all the bits which the paint bucket missed. Not great for an already labour intensive process. 

Now, this time I do still draw the outlines in one go, but on two layers. So, the first layer is a more silhouette/ basic block shape layer, like so:

And the other layer is the detail:

I then switch off the detail layer, leaving the block outlines which I then colour. Because there's not as many lines or spaces to fill, there is less to retouch with the brush tool. Once that's complete, I switch on the detail layer and proceed to fill in the other shapes that need colouring, such as the facial features. This takes so much quicker and I have no idea why it's taken me so long to do it this way! Below is the final result.

You can watch the full version here:

Monday, 7 September 2020

The Road to Wembley (Take 2)!

On 6th September the 20/21 Women's FA Cup started for 376 teams around the country. It also marked the start of this season's 'Road to Wembley' attempt for myself and my partner, Ben. We will aim to attend one game from each round of the cup, from the Extra Preliminary to the final. You can read more about why in my post from last year here. The reasons for doing so stay the same.

Round dates

The difference this year though will that I'll not be writing a full blog for each one, but concentrating more on the photography side of things. This is due to having less time at the moment to write full written blog posts. I will, however, do a post for each game with match details and include some photos, along with a link to the full set. So without further ado, here are the details for Road to Wembley #1:

Round: Extra Preliminary
Date: 6/9/20
Ground: H.E. Barnes Stadium
Attendance: 135
Match: Dronfield Town Ladies FC 2-1 Arnold Eagles

Full set of photographs here.