Friday, 14 August 2020


Nope. I haven't taken up running, apologies Strava fans.

What I have done though, is an animation test clip of someone running. Well I say test clip, but it's more of a segment, because it's part of a longer film. The film is a work in progress and is quite experimental, so perhaps that's why I say 'test clip'.

The film is a mixed media short, comprised of various recycled bits of paper from my studio. Sometimes this is from previous projects or works, or sometimes just scraps which I don't know what to do with. I then cut these up in to 8x8cm squares, sometimes paint on them or sometimes manipulate them in other ways, scan them in and sequence them on the timeline in Premiere Pro. I have also started adding some rotoscope animation to them, because it fitted well with the theme. I won't be discussing that until it's complete, because it's more of a moving image artwork than a film in the traditional sense and therefore don't want to be influenced in any way while creating it. Despite this, I am happy to share segments and explain about some of the creative processes I'm using.

This piece is made up of photocopied paper, cut up in to *loads* of squares (above), recycled from a previous project. I thought the paper would make a fantastic background, because the amount of texture and unintended pattern it would make. I think I made the right decision! The result was just what I was looking for and perhaps turned out even better than what I had first imagined. The project I was using the recycled paper from was quite a big one, so there was plenty of paper to play with. I had enough to create another section of similar style and there is still lots leftover, which I will also be utilising. 

I also went for a slightly different style for the rotoscope animation in this project. As you can see on the above image, the outlines have quite a smoothness to them, more so than what I usually use. I activated the line smoothing on TVPaint. I'm always looking to try new ways of animating and again wanted to diversify my portfolio, so decided to use this technique. It's quite reminiscent of the line style I used to use when I started off animating in Adobe Flash, so I feel it was perhaps a nostalgic choice which lead me here.

I also reverted back to the bold, block colouring, than employing the more realistic shading style I have been using of late. This was because the backgrounds throughout this project are all quite textured and 'hand made' looking, so wanted the rotoscope animation to contrast with that. I think with the smooth lines and the block colouring, it provides the contrast I was after.

Here is the clip:

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