Sunday, 9 May 2021


What’s this then? Ooh look, it’s some new work, at long last! Well, I say new- this piece is actually about a month old now- I’ve just been super s l o w getting this blog out.

I sometimes go through these stages where I look at my work and think that it really needs loosening up. Or it’s boring/ same-y etc. When I have these feelings, I decide to give myself small exercises to get me feeling less like what I’ve just described. Sometimes these go completely ‘wrong’ (or not what I intended), resulting in feeling worse about my work, though sometimes they turn out quite nicely and makes me feel like I’ve moved my work forward. This is the latter.

I decided to do some silhouettes of a flock of birds flying, because it seemed like a fun clip to make, plus completely aside from anything I’ve ever done before. Or at least aside from a lot of my recent work. I also knew it would be a fairly quick clip to create, whilst still being effective. To be able to produce something quickly was important for me in this exercise, because I didn’t want to be working on something for weeks just doing an hour or two here and there, feeling I was making little progress. It needed to be something I could do in a weekend.

Completing a piece of work was an important factor of this exercise, because it feels like I’ve not managed to complete anything of my own for a while (besides that of what I’m doing in my day job), despite me working on a few bits and pieces- though all are taking a long time.

This clip was great for pushing me away from my usual work, plus it was nice to finally have completed something new outside of my amazing job (which is also animating, but unfortunately can’t share anything from it just yet). Keep your eyes out on Netflix for it’s release later this year.

I decided to go super simple with this one in terms of both style and colour palette. I don’t often work with silhouettes, but this shot of birds lent itself to working in that way nicely and I feel it really paid off for this clip- and definitely something I’d love to bring into future projects of mine. I also inverted the colours- usually I’d do black on white, not the other way around, so this clip was really useful in helping me try techniques I usually wouldn’t.

I love how the end result looks and I especially like how it’s shown me that a clip doesn’t have to be over complex for it to work as a piece. More like this going forward then, perhaps…

So these birds are not the only animation in this blog post- I also have another clip to share (well isn’t today your lucky day)- you can tell how behind I am with my blog! Here is yet another person talking on the phone (I’m sure that’s my most common piece of work I make). I have no idea why, I think I’m just drawn to animating that! 

The background this time is a collage from old art of mine and sudoko puzzles, which I cut up and scanned in. I liked the fact that art which doesn’t have much meaning to me anymore was able to take on a new life in another piece of work. Plus a great way to be able to recycle (or maybe upcycle is the preferred term?) some of my work, before it gets put in the waste paper. I love the textures this created and is also very much in keeping with my love of merging analogue and digital techniques.

Saturday, 24 April 2021

Football is Back (Again, Again)!

For the third time here in England, non-league football is finally back for both spectators and players (after lockdown 3.0)! Well, at 'grassroots' level at least. So that's step 7 and below in men's and tier 7 and below in women's (the men's and women's football pyramids work slightly differently- though I won't bore you with the details here).

Since Thursday 15th April, I have attended six games at various locations across the country, the furthest being 133 miles away. For a game in the Central Warwickshire Over 35's Football League. On a Sunday morning. At Droitwich Spa Leisure Centre. As you do. Disclaimer: this was actually en route to visit my parents and we didn't make the trip solely for this match (though we have been guilty of doing similar things in the past)!

Me at Droitwich 

Despite spectating being limited to the lower levels, we (usually my partner Ben and I, though sometimes just me) have visited a variety of locations and are finding the 'limitations' of where we can watch football in no way limiting at all. At this level, there are plenty of grounds with football furniture (stands etc- not that a lack of stand has ever put me off) and never short of a fantastic backdrop. We are lucky to live in the north of England, where we are in easy reach of the Lake District and the Peak District and everything in between, providing beautiful scenery for watching the beautiful game.

Scenic: Burton Thistle FC

It has been really enjoyable being back thus far, especially for the photography side of things- I don't really take photographs of much else besides football and architecture these days (read more about why here), so this was a welcome return not only for fulfilling my football fix, but also satisfying another of my creative outlets. Keep an eye on my Twitter and/ or Flickr for more- I don't tend to blog about all the games I go to, just a select few.

Below: Furness Vale. View full set of photographs here.

Below: Middleton & Overton Sports FC. View full set of photographs here.

Friday, 9 April 2021


Here's another character rotoscope piece, this time of a man writing on an iPad with a stylus. I used some 16mm film I scratched several years ago (2013) for the background, but never did anything with it at the time. I've used it in various short pieces such as this, since. I like how the background colours and shapes work with this clip. The whole thing just looks really aesthetic for some reason (or at least I think it does)!

Saturday, 3 April 2021

Lancashire Photography Festival

Lancashire Photography Festival kicked off yesterday (April 2nd) in Preston. It is a fantastic outdoor (free) photography exhibition, with photographs pasted on walls at various locations around the city. You can download the map and see the line up HERE.

It is up until 23rd May- I highly recommend visiting. Here's a few images from my visit yesterday evening, though will be going at least once more as I didn't get time to see everything!

Festival organiser Garry Cook (@gazcook)

Friday, 2 April 2021


Here's a super short clip of a woman turning a page in a book! I really like the colour scheme in this one, along with the super textured background. I created the BG by sponging a few colours of paint on a number of paper frames (as in animation frames/ cells, not actual frames where pictures are hung inside!) and then scanning them in.

I mainly read non fiction these days as I usually find them a lot more interesting than fiction. Plus I get my narrative/ 'made up'/ escapism fix from all the films I watch, so maybe that's why I don't really enjoy reading fiction? Who knows...

Saturday, 27 March 2021


The next clip in my 'every day' series (I mean in terms of what the characters are doing in each shot, as opposed to what I create every day [even though I do animate every day]) is a woman eating cereal. Action packed as that might be! But I just love animating people doing 'normal' kind of things, but then playing around with style and technique to see which direction I can take it. Animation aside: porridge is totes my favourite breakfast cereal (can't beat something warm to eat first thing IMO), flavoured with cinnamon and a few sultanas. And I have the cooling time down to a 't', so Goldilocks, HANDS OFF!

There aren’t loads more of these clips I'm intending to share despite the fact that I have a fair amount left. This is because I completed them in autumn 2020 and although I felt they were, at the time, a ‘jump up’ from some of the earlier work I created that year, having metaphorically ‘jumped up’ another level or so since, I am not pleased with all of the clips and therefore won't be publicising them. Even though I enjoy sharing the work I create, I don’t feel the work is ‘wasted’ if I decide not to share it anywhere. Each piece I complete is something I learn from, thus enhancing my practise and making me a better animator, whether anyone else sees it or not. I guess it’s a bit like the whole ‘if a tree falls in the forest’ thing, maybe..?!

Saying this, at times you might see a post on this blog where I do write about work I am not that pleased with, but that is more for reasons of personal reflection and it is usually something current, rather than digging through older, ropier stuff purely so I have something to share on social media. On the whole though, I prefer to put out work which I feel best represents my skill set or level of competence at the time of sharing. But I am fine with leaving my older work up, so I can see a clear path of progression to where I am at presently. I love learning! 

Thursday, 18 March 2021

Letraset + Roto #2

Here's 'Letraset + Roto #2' (see version one here). This time I'm using different Letraset and paint colours as the background and a different character doing something different. Definitely overdid the 'different' in that previous sentence!

I will try and write a longer post at some stage soon about newer work (apologies if you haven't found the written parts in these last few posts that interesting or varied), but I have been super duper busy with my amazing new job at the moment and haven't found a lot of time to create much of my own work during evenings and weekends. I have been working on another hand painted piece, but the progress is quite slow. Hopefully it shouldn't be too far off though!

Saturday, 13 March 2021

Coffee Rotoscope

Yum, coffee! Fun fact: I only drink decaf these days (perhaps rare for an animator person)?! This clip is of a man drinking coffee whilst walking (spoiler alert, I'm sorry). I really like animating people walking for some reason- maybe because I like walking and do it a lot or maybe as it's a nice action to draw. Who knows?! Anyway, the background of this one is some 16mm film, which I inked with Indian ink and scanned in way back when. You can read more about the process of that in this post.

Sunday, 7 March 2021

Letraset + Roto

As stated in this entry, I said I would be posting some clips which I made in autumn last year, over the next few months or so. Here is the second one: the background this time is Letraset transfers (love those), combined with acrylic and emulsion paint. I really like how this one turned out. Enjoy!

Ps. I watched 'Your Name.' (2016, Makoto Shinkai) yesterday and oh wow what a brilliant film! Would super advise checking it out if you've not already.

Sunday, 28 February 2021

*New Reel Update*

I usually update my animation showreel in spring and autumn for some reason (perhaps when I realise I've enough new pieces to add), so here is the spring 2021 edition! Enjoy!