Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Portrait of Myself

A while ago (December 2014) I was asked by some old university friends to do some rotoscope animation on a music video they were making. Since this video they have now set up a production company, with website soon to be released- will link when I have the go ahead!

Because of the work I did on their video, they kindly asked me to be part of the 'associated artists' section of their website and for this, I was to take an Instax (modern day polaroid) picture of myself.

This is the result. I quite like a portrait of myself every so often, especially when it's a fairly 'artsy' one, like so.

It says 'animator' at the bottom and I really wish I had the time to do more animation these days, so if any of you guys do want to hire me for anything animation related (or just anything creative), then please feel free to do so #gettingdesperatenow 

Photo credit goes to Ben Fuller.

Saturday, 26 November 2016

I Finally Got Some Photos Developed

...pretty much self explanatory blog post due to the title!

Anyway, HELLO! How are you? Even, who are you? I've not blogged in so long, I have no idea who you even are anymore or who I am, for that matter.

I haven't been doing much creative things lately, because I have a day job which consumes most all of my time these days. Fun.

Saying that, I have been taking quite a few photos with my new camera (see last blog post) and here are some of the results:

I went to Southend on holiday in November, so sue me.