Thursday, 27 April 2017

Recent Photography

As I have probably mentioned in previous posts about photography, I have been aiming to take my camera(s) out with me most places I go. This is to get me into the good habit of taking photos/ practising photography.

I use four cameras on a regular basis. The one I have with me basically all of the time is the one on my phone. Though fairly basic, the quality isn't too bad for a phone camera and can take some okay-ish looking photos with it. With the help of Instagram, they can look even better!

The next one is my Canon 550d, DSLR camera. I often use a 50mm lens with this. As I keep it mainly for filming, I don't used it a lot for still photographs, but it is something I keep getting myself to use for photography these days.

I also use an analogue SLR camera, an Olympus Trip 35. This goes with me most places these days- I'm in a really good habit of taking film photos now. Being as this one is still fairly new to me and doesn't have a light meter, sometimes I find it difficult getting the right settings. I'm occasionally still over exposing my photos, which is really annoying! I think getting the lighting right with this camera will come with practise and use over time.

The other camera I use a lot is my Instax Mini. This one is slightly novelty, though a lot of fun and can actually take some quite good photographs with it. I like using this for less serious things, like using at events or on holiday or on nights out (which are rare these days)! I like using it especially for portraits, mainly of my boyfriend, as it turns out. Here he is playing golf:

Monday, 3 April 2017


'I Don't Think That I Exist'

My latest piece of art.

I've been developing this low poly style for a while now and it's a format I really like working in. This is probably my favourite so far, because the background, the colours and also the style I drew the rest of the body in. For some reason on my other ones, the body was the part I most struggled to get "right", because mostly line thickness/ brush pressure and also colours. It's also a well developed piece and has lots going on. A definite improvement from my first one.

It's exciting for me to see what I'll do next with this style, or move on to something else...