Saturday, 17 February 2018

Expired Film Experiments

Towards mid October last year, I finished the last roll of camera film I had (sad times). It was also around (or shortly after) the same time a popular chain of 'pound only' shop discontinued selling it and for a crazy-mad, bargain price of £1 at that! So disappointing, but I knew the day was coming- every time I used to go in for some film, I always used to hope that it was there, though always used to prepare myself for the worst! I now have to source my film in a more costly way... 😢

Rant aside, I came across a roll of expired (1999) film in my boyfriend's room and I was most excited!

I had no expectations or hopes of how they'd come out: I always think if you prepare yourself for the worst possible outcome, then anything else is a bonus. Maybe I should change my outlook on life, but that's for a whole other blog post!

Anyway, the results didn't come out that great, but the outcomes were not all to be thrown away. Some had editing potential, whilst some looked passable as is. I took the opportunity to have a play on Photoshop with a few and by adding and manipulating certain elements, I created some quite interesting results. I look forward to doing more...

A couple of the unedited ones:

Friday, 16 February 2018

Current Project [Update]

Hello and Happy Friday!

I've been fairly quiet on the blogging front recently, but I've been seriously busy: bowling, watching football (groundhopping), walking, taking photographs, film watching and of course, my MA <-- definitely been taking up most of my time!

So, to keep you all updated, I'm currently working on some animations on my chosen topic (helping eliminate the stigma towards males with eating disorders, through graphic design) for my degree.

I don't want to go into too much detail about my project in this post, but the intention of the animations is to look into various creative moving image responses as an answer to my design question (above). I'm hoping to create three films in three styles, each exploring a different way of achieving the same same outcome.

In regard to the graphic novel incase you were wondering: this idea has kind of been binned for now, because after a period of reflection I deemed the medium wasn't right for what I wanted to achieve for this project and I think I can make a much more effective outcome through animation/ film. I found developing it and designing it great fun, so I would definitely like to produce one in the future, but for now, it will unfortunately have to take a back seat.

Here are some super rough screen grabs of some preliminary animation tests in style: