Thursday, 8 October 2020

Film Festival News!

First of all, I am super excited to announce that my film 'Together | Fragmented' has been selected for the Factual Animation Film Festival 2020! I am genuinely really pleased that my film has been selected for this one as it's such a great festival concept. I love, love, love animated documentary and can't wait to watch the rest of the selection.

Like most other festivals this year it has been moved online and you can find out about tickets etc here. I have embedded the festival trailer below (doesn't it look AMAZING)?! The festival runs 17th-25th October and tickets cost just £5. Absolute bargain.

Well I did title this post 'film festival news' (plural), hinting that I have more than one piece of info to share! Exciting times, right?!

Back in March, Cardiff Animation Festival which was due to be held early April was unfortunately put on hold due to the then imminent lockdown. My short animation 'Nothing New', directed by both myself and Alan Livesey was selected for screening at this festival. We were almost ready to book our trains and accommodation down there, though sadly it wasn't to be. This is why I'm excited to announce that the organisers have been working crazy hard behind the scenes to bring the festival online!

This means we'll still get to watch all of the fantastic films and events very, very soon. Events start on October 17th, leading up to the main festival week 24th Oct-1st Nov. Again, the line up looks absolutely fantastic and I'm immensely proud that our film has been included. I couldn't embed the festival trailer on this post as they don't have a YouTube account, but if you click here, you can watch it. I will be participating in a Q&A as part of the festival at 11am on 25th October, so keep your eyes out.

I think that's all the festival news I have to share for now, so see you in the next post and perhaps virtually at one of the above festivals! 

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