Thursday, 22 October 2020

Letraset Experiment

As part of my current project which I'm not really saying much about until it's done (if you are a regular reader here you will already know this), I have been working on some backgrounds. The backgrounds are all abstract and made using analogue materials of varying capacity. Deciding to use analogue materials was to provide both texture and contrast to the smooth rotoscope character animation they are juxtaposed with. See here for an example.

A background I have recently completed is a combination of Letraset transfers (Helvetica [of course], various point sizes) and emulsion paint (have no black acrylic left). I made 32 frames and then looped them. I really love the effect it creates! The randomised paint splats against the straight lines of the typeface makes for a perfect contrast and I like how the paint has made some of the blue letters bleed/ run. I would like to experiment with more of this style.

Here is the clip:

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