Monday, 20 July 2020

Further Development

Pretty sure I've already called a post this, but whatevs 💇

To be honest, I was struggling a little to decide what style to do this next piece in. As stated in my previous post, I felt I had taken the fairly realistic style as far as it could go and had also tried a watercolour test. I started a piece regardless as wanted to keep animating, but this was slightly problematic, due to not knowing what direction to take it. I like to plan out each piece beforehand, because it makes the animating easier and you're less inclined to change your mind mid project.

I did differentiate the outlines more than what I usually do, in terms of using a brush which gave me more option in line thickness. I'm not sure how noticeable this is to the casual viewer, but it made me feel like I was diversifying my usual technique. Perhaps I could have pushed it further and used a mixture of really thick and really thin lines, so it would be even more noticeable.

It was when it came to colouring him, was when I really altered what I do though. I decided to use texture on top of the realistic rendering style. I used multiple textures, some which I scanned in and others I created digitally in After Effects. Texture (especially created by analogue means) is something I really try to implement throughout my work, which is quite apparent when viewing past pieces. I wanted to bring it back in to my recent work, which has been more clean cut than what I have done in the past.

I felt the pairing of the techniques worked well, but improvements can be made. I feel the texture I used on him was a little too artificial for my liking and in the future, would prefer to implement this texture in a more organic way.

From a piece which I started under little inspiration or direction, it turned out quite well and has pushed my work further. Though going forward, this unplanned way is not the way I want to create each piece. 

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