Saturday, 9 May 2020

Road to Wembley: So Far

If you have been following me on the socials (or indeed this blog), then you will know I am attempting to watch a match from each round of the Women's FA Cup, or my 'road to Wembley'. Today is the ninth of May: the day of the final. Right now I would be heading to Wembley Stadium, sun shining, summer well on its way, spirits high. 

Little did I know that back in August while watching Wakefield Trinity vs Farsley Celtic in the extra preliminary round, my journey would be curtailed due to a virus. I would have thought that either weather postponements or public transport mishaps would be the circumstances interrupting my efforts, but life works in strange ways and it turned out it was something quite unimaginable.

I had three rounds left to attend and was quite excited about having got that far, considering it a somewhat difficult challenge with various obstacles. We had secured our places for the what was set to be an exciting quarter final between Leicester City and Manchester City, after Leicester causing an upset in the previous round against Reading. This was the weekend when it all stopped (and rightly so: the safety of the spectators, players and staff should always be paramount), though to say I wasn't disappointed wouldn't be the truth...

If football is able to start again when safe to do so and the cup can continue, then fantastic, though if this seasons FA Cup is left unfinished, I will look back on this journey with fond memories. It has no doubt taken me to some interesting games, grounds and places, some of which I never would have been to if not for the cup. I have visited some really friendly clubs and met some lovely people. I have spent more hours than I care watching games in adverse weather, have spent more money than I should have been allowed to on trains and have exhausted numerous hours researching fixtures and logistics. Though I wouldn't have swapped any of it for the world! If you can excuse a cliche (or if you can't, look away for a moment) football really is more than ninety minutes and the day it returns will be a delight.

You can read all about my journey here.

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