Thursday, 9 June 2016


Hi, hello, how are you?

I'm starting a blog. Again. And hopefully this time I'll keep it up..!

I'll be writing mainly about filmmaking, films, art, animation, poetry, photography and anything & everything creative and maybe even a few things that aren't... We'll see.

Monday mornings will be the main day/ time when I plan to post something new WITHOUT FAIL (public note to self!) and perhaps I'll enjoy the process so much that I may end up posting more frequently. Today is a Thursday in fact, so I'm already one step ahead! Go me.

So, who the hell am I (and what am I doing here)?!!

I wonder this frequently too, but for the purpose of this blog and the fact of this being my first post, I don't want to scare you off straight away. Existentialism can wait for another day.

I live in the sunny [joke] North West of England with no pets, but one teddy bear.

I mainly make animations/ films, but I also do lots of drawing/ painting/ graphic design/ photography... I'm guessing you've got to this Blog through my website, so I guess you may already know that stuff, but if not, please click on the link to view my work.

I'm currently working on an animated music video, deadline this Sunday :O help! I will let you know how it goes...

I want to use this blog as a way of narrating my life so I can pretend that I'm in a film like Stranger Than Fiction, but also [and by no means limited to] discuss and evaluate my work/ the makings of my work/ other people's work I find interesting/ inspiring etc and hope we can all get something useful from this blog, whether it be reading/ writing/ contributing in any way, shape [triangle] or form...

My favourite film is Buffalo '66, Vincent Gallo (1998), though my favourite directors overall are Ken loach and Michael Haneke; I play Tenpin Bowling on my own and my favourite music to listen to at the moment is Bright Eyes. Check 'em oot. I'm in the process of becoming a minimalist (is there an end point?)/ leading a minimalist lifestyle and I go walking for fun. I write more than I read and the majority of the books I own are A-Z street atlases to various places around the UK.

I also wish I was Tim Vine:

Why was the typeface thrown out of court?
Because it was in the wrong case.

Peace + love xo

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