Saturday, 31 March 2018

Project Update

Just a little update since my previous post, to basically say it's going pretty well so far and I'm pleased with the progress I've made. I'm moving through it [fairly] quickly and I'm mostly happy with how it looks. I think it's safe to say that choosing to change the style to something I'm more comfortable with and more "me", has definitely paid off and I think it was the right route to go down...

Here are some progress screen grabs, from various scenes/ shots:

Also, TV Paint is such a cool programme, b/c it lets you rotate the workspace (above). I find this really useful, as I find it easier and quicker drawing vertical lines than horizontal ones, so it can basically make every line vertical, which is pretty ace!

Any feedback much appreciated in the comments. Maybe in my next post, I'll put a sneak peak of some of the above animated- we'll see!

Until then, watch this space for more and have a very Happy Easter 😊

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